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Great Christmas or Birthday Gift Ideas

Gifts for Kids:
Kids love Dinosaurs and cool rocks. We have a collection of genuine dinosaur fossil eggshell pieces.

Kids are also interested in outer space and there aren't much cooler rocks than meteorites. We have both inexpensive and large collector meteorite specimens.

Gifts for Jewelers, Gem Collectors, Faceters and Gemologists:
Loose stones get scratched and abraded. We have a wide variety of gem containers to protect and display stones, including new glass topped gem containers.
We also have tweezers, gem holders, ziplock bags and other gem handling accessories.

High Quality and Unusual Jewelry, Beads and Pendants:
We also sell a wide variety of jewelry.

Every bead lover will enjoy getting a strand or two of our fine beads. We specialize in fine turquoise beads, charoite beads, seraphinite beads and shungite beads, but also have beads made out of other gem materials.

Books for faceters and gem enthusiasts:
One can never learn enough about gems and gem cutting. Faceters can never have too many faceting designs in their arsenal. We are distributors of books on all these subjects, including How to Cut a Diamond.

Mineral specimens and polished materials:
The beauty of a polished sphere, unusual tumbled stones, or products made out of shungite are always cherished by those who love rocks and minerals. These and more items can be found on our arizonaminerals website.

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