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Contacting Us

We are very busy serving our customers. So, please do not call us on our toll free order line for any other purpose than to place an order, or to inquire about a pending order placed with us. We're always pleased to confirm availability of specimens, rough, equipment and accessories shown in our online stores.
If you call our toll free order line to sell us something, we will politely hang up!


Toll Free Order Phone Line FOR ORDERS ONLY for our US long distance and Canadian customers: (877) 548-1439
Order Phone Line FOR ORDERS ONLY for our international and local customers: (520) 792-1439

We accept payment by Mastercard, Visa and Discover cards. We do not accept paypal, or purchase orders.

For questions about our products and services, call (520) 623-3874. The time available on our information line is limited. This is not a general information line to call to learn how to cut cabochons or facet or polish glass. It is only for information about the products and services we offer so we can help you with your purchase decisions. Lapidary, Faceting, Smithing and Jewelry Making Books providing how-to information for beginning and advanced lapidaries are available on-line. We can not provide you with telephone classes regarding general how-to information readily available to you on our website, or in topical books and magazines. Please read the information provided on our website before calling.

Note: we no longer ship electrically powered equipment outside of the US and Canada. We still ship faceting rough, cabochons, beads, slabs and books to our international customers.

We do not have a printed catalog.

In order to deter spammers we have taken the measure of posting our email address in the form of a graphic file below. So, you can not copy and paste it as text. Instead, type our email address into your email program.

Snail Mail:
1520 S. Desert Crest Dr.
Tucson AZ 85713

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Online Faceting Materials Information:
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Faceting Books:
Faceting Books

Online Glass Polishing Information:
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Online Turquoise Treatment and Enhancement Information:
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